HairxLife is the partner of the Largest Hospital Group in and
it has highest number of accreditations as well as a Gold standard Accreditation from the American JCI.

Since 2007

Cosmedika has been founded to provide Hair Transplantation, Aesthetical Surgery, Cosmetic Dermatology, and Dental Treatments services for more than ten years.

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We carry on our leading characteristic in bringing the majority of society together with the qualified healthcare services in the technologically equipped facilities, without making any concession on code of medical ethics.

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All inclusive Price: 1990 Euro ( as cash payment )
(Prices are fixed, and do not change depending on the number of grafts)

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We work since 10 years with high experienced stuffs and team.
We carry out hair transplantation with the FUE technique and in one session we transplant up to 4000-5000 grafts on average.

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Hair Transplant

Hair loss is a problem that affects two out of every three men and one out of every five women; it may result in psychological and social problems.
Under today's conditions, people spend a lot of money unknowingly on shampoos, solutions, sprays, serums to regain hair lost. These are often no more than loss of time and energy.
They are inclined to try every new product on the market in the hope that it would work this time, however none of them gives a productive result because none of them enable us to regain hair lost.
Hair transplantation is the only fact that is concrete, scientific and proven.
Most of the other methods (i.e. shampoo, spray etc. may prevent existing hair from falling, help them look rejuvenated but it does not help new hair to grow. In other words, it is not a solution for baldness
Hair transplantation, which has been in use since the 80s, had a very quick and positive development through FUE technique. Procedures have been determined by global and common practices, producing quite satisfactory, natural and permanent results.
Upon positive feedbacks on satisfactory results, number of people that decide to undergo a hair transplantation increase on a gradual basis, and it has become a globally popular practice recently.
Also known as hair restoration, hair transplantation is an operation wherein healthy and thick hair follicles that are at the back of the neck and over the ears and are coded resistant to hair loss are collected with the help of a micro motor and subsequently transplanted in the thin or bald area.
Today, there are two major methods that are used for hair transplantation and globally recognised around the world. What differs these two techniques is the collection of hair follicles at the back of the head. Otherwise hair is transplanted in the same manner for both techniques.
FUT technique: Hair follicles are collected cross-wise from the donor area with the help of a scalpel, and are subsequently separated one by one, making ready for transplantation.
FUE technique: Hair follicles are collected from the donor area one by one, making ready for transplantation.
FUE technique is rather more preferred by our patients as it offers more advantages and promises excellent results.
Transplanting high number of hair roots in one session through FUE technique has produced quite satisfactory results in recent years, paving the ground that hair transplantation has become a highly-demanded practice in a short time.
PRP (Platelet Rich Plazma) is already one of the medical treatments as it plays a role in improving tissues.
It has particularly drawn attention in that it heals tissue injuries, for instance football players' knee injuries, two-folds faster.
Factors present in PRP stimulate and rejuvenate the stem cells in damaged tissues it is applied. The stimulation triggers the body to renew its mechanisms. Read More
This is an operation wherein hair follicles are extracted from the back of the neck and from the sides of it (over the two ears) in the form of follicular units (graft) with no cutting involved, by using micro motors equipped with special punch tips of 0,6–0.1 mm .
Follicular units are transplanted in thin or bald areas in their natural form without any operation whatsoever.
Hair canals are opened in places where extracted grafts are to be placed. Canal angles, depth and frequency are all very important. Whether transplantation will look natural or not depends on the canals.
Another property of FUE operation is that it heals very quickly with no pain or numbness at the back of the neck after the operation. Read More
  • Tissue is not removed from the area where the hair follicles are. It is only the stem cells to be taken where one should be careful.
  • Hair follicles are taken not only from the back of the neck but also from the upper part of the ears.
  • Local anaesthesia is applied and it is a very comfortable operation.
  • Hair follicles are taken one by one thanks to a special micro motor. It improves in a very short time. No stitches or scars at the beck of the head.
  • 4000 to 6000 grafts, that is, 8000 to 12.000 hair follicles can be transplanted in a single session.
  • Hair follicles can be collected from other part of the body (back, chest), if necessary.
  • Gives very good results in case of light to moderate hair loss (from the front line up to the head).
  • No scar.
  • Applied to women and men.
  • Gives very natural results.
  • Moustache, beard
  • Side whiskers and eyebrows can be transplanted via the same technique.
  • Sear or scar can be covered on the scalp.
  • One can turn back to his normal life and travel the day after.
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    Hair xLife

    The treatments practiced in HairxLife include hair transplantation, liposuction, rhinoplasty, mammoplasty, gynaecomastia (breast reduction in men), abdominoplasty, face lifting, blepharoplasty, rich lipid injection from root cell, laser tooth whitening, dental implantation, dental zirconium coating, botox, filling, skin care, laser hair removal, and combined weight loss treatments etc.

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    Our mission is that to meet expectations at the highest level possible, offering tailored treatments through the physicians experienced in their field and professional methods.